Regional and semi-national postage/stamps display

Oslo Filatelistklubb and Sentrum Filatelistklubb, welcomes you as a participant of the regional and semi-national postage display called Filos 2021.

The event takes place on Thursday 30 september (15-19 o’clock) to Saturday 2 oktober ( 11 – 16 o’clock) 2021. The event takes place at Majorstuen Church, Kirkeveien 84, 0364 Oslo.

Deadline for submitting your application is 1. July 2021.

Who can display their work?

You must have a plan – a running theme throughout your work you’re displaying. It can either be a hobby you have(flowers, spaceships boats etc. ) or something you are interested in (your home place or a spesial event/day). The plan for the display needs to be submit and presented on the first sheet of the collection. Remember to tell the viewer what you want to show, how and why. A collection consists of anything from one frame(16 x 4A sheets) and up. Please contact someone in your club if you are interested in displaying your work and have no previous experience.

Information and registration form are online on

Remember to send with the plan when submitting your application to Oslo Filatelistklubb, Frydenlundgata 14, 0169 Oslo, on e-mail to: Deadline 15 aug. 2021.

Best regards,

Oslo Filatelistklubb and Sentrum Filatelistklubb